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Our Services

Funeral Service


With our unrivalled professionalism and expertise, we provide a comprehensive suite of funeral services to cater to the needs of different faiths and all walks of life.

White Ladies


In respect of safeguarding the dignity of a female deceased member, Nirvana Asia Group is proud to present the first of its kind, ladies-only team to take care of all necessary funeral arrangements throughout.

SPA & Cadaveric Restoration


Like flowers gracing this world, pure and blooming, that’s a life that conjures up a beautiful picture. All good things come to an end. Likewise, when life is near its end, it shall be harmonized with a flawless and natural appearance.

Three-saints Temple


We invested into this luxurious and magnificent memorial complex to enshrine ancestors in a solemn yet harmony environment.

Comprehensive Facilities


Be delighted by facilities from Oriental Café, Multi-purpose room, reading corner to praying material store, as you hold your loved ones in fond remembrance.

Our Products

Royal Family Burial Plot


This is where family burial plot comes into picture. The thought of ‘back-to-the-roots’ takes a strong stand. It is designed to mark the journey home for the departed while infusing the future generations with pleasant recollections of their departed loved ones.

Super Family Burial Plot


This family memorial plot immortalizes the history of your family, commemorative remarks and any other remarkable accounts of your loved ones. Every ‘Family plot’ immortalizes a showcase of glory of different generations likened to a personal family courtyard that champions togetherness as you bask in the beauty of the memorial park.

Family Burial Plot


Here, you are greeted with fond memories revolving around the hobbies, personalities and characteristics of your loved ones. Through the beauty of art, the cherished glory of your loved ones comes alive instantly in this highly treasured Pure Land. Bask in the glory of your ancestors and be proud of their achievements for their immortality just lives on.

Double And Single Plot


Picturesque and tranquil, it soothes the soul and warms the heart. For the departed, it is simply an idyllic final resting place to rest in peace. For the living, it fosters prosperity generation after generation.

Christian Memorial Garden


Inspired by the fantasy of ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, the Christian Memorial Park is a dignified yet graceful eternal resting place for Christians. Customers are given the option to choose their preferred headstone designs.

Luxury Columbarium


With a 6-star decoration, the Brahma Palace was built with intricate and beautiful designs embrace you, giving you a surreal experience of the actual Brahma Palace.

Modern Columbarium


The modern columbarium is filled with vibrant artistic charm in an auspicious environment that ushers in prosperity. The design connotes the essence of a timeless masterpiece. The rustic pavilions are complemented with minimalist murals, sculptures and paintings.

Ancient Chinese Columbarium


The columbarium adopts the ancient Chinese architecture design to complement the eternal homeland of the departed. This is a tranquil final resting place that offers absolute peace. This very distinguished columbarium boats a proud list of credentials form designing to materials sourcing and workmanship.

The Courtyard Columbarium


Tang Villa Si He Yuan resembles the “Si He Courtyard” building architecture of ancient Beijing. This traditional house connotes the Chinese culture and reflects eternal peaceful environment. With more than 3,000 years, Tang Villa Si He Yuan is a traditional Chinese architecture in China, unique and special.

Christian Columbarium


The artistic Christian Columbarium is a masterpiece of Christian bereavement care architectural design unlike any other in the market. It unique style exudes a distinctive Christian character, one that gets the best of both worlds: exquisite design and contemporary idea.

Burial Plot For Urn


The largest burial plot for urn in Malaysia which is a place for those cremated and their remains meant for burial. Burial plot for urn sets a peaceful environment, with an individual space for the praying convenience of family members.

NV Seed


NV Seed is overwhelmed with the mightiness of a dragon. Lying on the stout back of the dragon-turtle means added peace of mind. It is most appropriate for people looking for a better career advancement and luck for wealth.

Ancestral Tablet


Ancestral Tablet has been the very symbol of Chinese ancestral worship that dates back to the ancient Shang Dynasty. Ancestral Tablet takes up the central position at the altar of any traditional Chinese home. It is a sacred item that connotes the virtue of filial piety. Ancestral Tablets in Nirvana Memorial Parks are good alternatives for couples who do not have time to attend to the worship rituals at home.

Pet Memorial Garden


This exclusive service offers a one-stop funeral convenience for your beloved pet. The thoughtfully designed establishment shows how much we really care about your feelings as we present you with a total peace of mind and hassle-free solution. It accords the utmost dignity to mark the last journey of your pet as you hold it in fond remembrance.

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